Establishment of Company and Change of Company Name
  • 2011. June. Changed the name of the company to T&I Co., Ltd.
  • 2006. March. Established Venture T&I Co., Ltd.
R & D
  • 2013. May. Developed LED vegetable storage fridge using partial freezing
  • 2012. July Developed a psychrophilic plant axenic culture medium using LED multiwavelengths
  • 2011. December. Manufactured LED lights and cultivation facilities to grow Sparassis crispa mushroom
  • 2010. December. Researched and developed a growth control system for cut rose using LED and lighting fixtures for flower fridges to maintain the quality of cut flowers
  • 2009. May. Developed LED light source to replace standard illuminant A and VIS meter
  • 2008. November. Researched and developed the continuous automatic measurement system for TOC (total organic carbons)
  • 2008. October. Researched and developed the optical absorption deviation-compensated 3-color beam transmittance meter
  • 2006. June. Concluded a joint research and development agreement for spectroscopic applications
    (CHPAN : Center for Hybrid Optical Access Network)
    Developed and supplied programs and devices for the National Police Agency
  • 2006. May. Researched and developed the Windows Tint Meter and Spectrophotometer
  • 2006. March. Conducted joint research on the Windows Tint Meter Standard (Transportation Research Institute)
  • ~ Present Obtained certificates including ISO 9001, MIC, Information Technology Equipment, CE, etc.
    Obtained certifications including ILAC MRA /KOLAS, NIST, KRISS, etc.
    Registered and applied for patents, PTC, trademarks, programs, and designs
  • 2013. December. Established a research and development institute (T&I photonics convergence research and development institute)
  • 2009. December. Certified as an INNO-BIZ
  • Windows Tint Meter (WTM) Submitted the WTM for optical electronics industry expositions (Korea, US, Japan, Singapore, and Vietnam)
    Supplied WTM to the national police agencies of Korea, India, and Thailand, and Hyundai Motor Company
  • Plant Growth Control System (PGCS) Submitted PGCS for expositions (AT center and Japan exposition)
    Supplied PGCS to plug seedling production nursery, research centers, schools, and other different places