This kit is designed for experiments to control growth of plants using LED lights of various wave lengths by plant species and classes. You can show children how plants are growing and how their growth is controlled at homes and schools.
Observation of the plant reaction in various LED wavelengths
Experiments on growth, photoperiodic control, flowing time control, maintaining of cut-flowers, qualitym etc.
Utilization of database on the growth characteristics of plants to LED light source.
Giving an education effect by providing a hands-on experience to see how plants are growing.
Research for correlation between light and plant physiology.
Allowing for diffrent plant growth characteristics via exchange of LED color module.
Experiments for growth characteristics of verious plants by controlling pulse and intensity of light.
Air circulation and heat dissipation from the lighting fixture by electric fan.
Sharing experiment methods and experiment results using the Internet.


Item Unit Value
Input Voltage VAC 90~240V, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage VDC 12
Power Consumption W 24
LED Wavelength nm Blue (450), Green(520), Red (660),
Mixture (Red+Blue), White / 5 type
PPFD μmol/m2s 0~300 (dimming available)
Item Value
Control Dimming control, ON/OFF time control
Ambient Conditions Temperature 18~25℃
Humidity 60±10%RH
CO2 400~800ppm (Indoor air)
Growing Area (mm) 270 x 370
Demsion (mm) 400(W) x 300(D) x 510(H)
Weight (kg) 1.5
Material Acryl, Aluminum
Fitting Tray

Assembly Diagram

iFarm-Experimo Assembly Diagram