This kit allows you to grow plants at home, offices, schools, restaurants and cafes in a organic way for the health and happiness of the family. With it, now you can own a small natural green vegetable garden.
Vegetables (including lettuce, bok choy, kale, leaf mustard), Flowers, Fruits, Others (Orchid, Bonsai, etc.)


Easy to install as a DIY Type
Providing well-being vegetable all year round without sunlight
Provide fresh and safe pesticide-free green vegetables.
Educational benefits by helping observation how plants are growing.
Providing a comfortable indoor environment by absorbing CO2 and emitting oxygen.
Phytoncide effect of hinoki cypress may cure diseases such as atopy.
Improving the use of indoor space and providing an excellent interior design effect.


Item Unit Value
Input Voltage VAC 220V, 60Hz
Power Consumption W 2 per level 35W
LED Wavelength nm Mixture (660+450)
PPFD μmol/m2s 120 (at 10cm)
Item Value
Ambient Conditions Temperature 18~25℃
Humidity 60±10%RH
CO2 400~800ppm (Indoor)
Growing Area (mm) 270 x 370 x 2 per level
Dimension (mm) 2 per level : 800(W) x 325(D) x 830(H)
Weight (kg) 2 per level : 2.5
Material Hinoki Cypress wood
Fitting Tray

Assembly Diagram

iFarm-Fresh Assembly Diagram