This is a real plant factory!


Reduce labor, save on electricity bill, and help plants to grow fast and strong compared to existing methods of farmhouses.
Easy maintenance : Control temperature, humidity, and quantity to release many stresses caused by climate change
Reduce costs : Reduce production costs of additional saplings, labor costs, and material costs by 25%
Increase cultivation area : 100 m2 of rooting effect can be seen in about 500 m2 amount of 5 beds can be replaced as 1 bed
Produce high-quality seedling all year round : Productivity unaffected by the environment, including climate and weather
Increased survival rate : Strengthen competitiveness by increasing the output of high-quality grafts
Accurate chipping date and number of grafting : Reduce shipping period by even rooting
As the shipping date is 5 to 10 days late, troubles with farmhouses and congested shipping are resolved when rooting is late by a day or 2.
Number of trays on each floor Size (Unit : mm) Power Consumption (W)
7 2013 560 1648 100

Tray size : 540 x 280

Installation light Specification

Item Unit Value
Output Voltage VDC 24
Power Consumption W 10
LED Wavelength nm Mixture (660+450)
PPFD μmol/m2s 0~30 (dimming available)
Item Value
Ambient Conditions Temperature -30~80℃
Humidity 90±5% RH
Applicable crops Fruit vegetable (Solanaceae, Cucurbitaceae) etc.
Dimension (mm) 1939(W) x 28(D) x 24(H)
Weight (g) 700
Material Polycarbonate, Aluminum