Windows Tint Meter

It is a measuring instrument that measures visible ray transmittance (tinting concentration) of car windows. Many countries around the world regulate car windows. They supply portable measuring devices to the traffic police to control tinting visible ray transmittance and to ensure fairness. We supplied the entire quantity required for the pilot project in 2008 to the Korean National Police Agency and our product is used by national police agencies in many other countries. The Windows Tint Meter is also used as an automobile inspection apparatus and it is used in many automobile inspection sites.

Apply the self-developed LED light source similar to a spectrum of the standard illuminant A
Apply 1.8'' TFT LCD display by various functions
Memory and communication functions
Continuous measurement, data search, reference value setting, as well as input and output of various information
Compatible PC program to efficiently manage measured data (RS232c)
Use one-touch measurable software for easy measurement by beginners
High utilization with permanent reference by print function
Easy measurement due to magnetization and zero-adjustment
Ensure quick measurement and high reliability
Portable and compact VIS transmittance meter
Recognized for its technology by registering patents and obtaining various certifications
Measure the tinting concentration of car windows
Test the quality of optical instruments
Test the quality of monitors including LCD monitor
Test the quality of glasses lens
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